Libby is 7!

On September 30, 2005, God handed us our 5th child, a girl. She has been such a delight to us ever since her simple, sweet birth in our home 7 years ago. She was born in the quiet of the evening on a Friday, during date night. The Yankees and Red Sox were playing ball and Jake was enjoying a beer watching the ball players go at their sport. I hadn't been feeling well that evening and was feeling rather emotional.. we now know this is a clear indicator that I could be in labor. Anyway, I had been watching the game with Jake and decided I needed a bath. Not to bore anyone with labor details, Libby was born about 15 minutes later. She was born so peacefully and sweetly that both Jake and I forgot to note the time. When the midwife arrived about 30 minutes later, again not sure of the time, she asked what time Libby had been born. We looked at the clock and it was 12:25ish am. We laughed and thought, well we don't know. Is she a September 30th baby or an October 1st baby. We decided we would say September 30th. There you have it, Libby Lee's sweet day of birth. 

Here we are 7 years plus 7 days later because I'm late blogging. We had a grand time celebrating Libby. 

Here is sweet pea with her pinata, notice how she chose an ass. This was particularly funny to us because she's such a princess type girl at heart. 

It didn't take but 3 swings for her to completely decapitate the poor little pinata. 

Notice that even though it's Libby's birthday, the sin of everyone's heart dominated and she was the one who was shoved out of the,  "grab all the candy you can fit in your pockets fest."
 After recovering from the disappointment of not getting to the goods first, Libby's siblings graciously shared their treasure trove of sugar with her. We headed inside and ate a fantastic meal of ricotta and proscioutto stuffed shells, salad, and french bread. We dove into present opening after the dishes were cleaned up. Upon opening the first gift, Libby squealed with immense delight and ran to Jake's arms.
She is still a perfect fit.

Hazel figured out a way to climb the table and had a blast thrashing around in the wrapping paper.

Not to steal the birthday post from Libby, but I couldn't help but post this picture. Colby charmingly swept little miss Cruz off her feet and then stuffed her in a box. She wasn't pleased.
 The birthday cake Libby chose was a white one with a ballet pink shade of buttercream frosting.
She was pleased and so was Sally Northpole (Libby's bitty baby. Pole has been affectionately added to North by those in Libby's family who love to tease her about Sally's last name.)

Yup, one blow and those candles were out. We delight that her lungs fill so well with air. After all the the asthma issues she's had, it's a welcome site to see.
Libby Lee, we love you so much. You are a delight to every person in the Reynolds home. You are adored by many more outside our home too. May you grow to laugh as much as you do now. May you always sweep the crowd with that precious humor of yours. We love how God fearfully knit you together. I am so thankful that your daddy was the first person to hold you. Happy, happy birthday little one!


dirtandrib said...

Oh, yes we adore that Libby girl!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Libby! She is a delight, a very sweet delight :) Looks like she had a wonderful time celebrating her life. Love you Libby!

CHiggins said...

Happy Birthday sweetie !!

Jackie Lynn said...

Oh happy birthday Plibbers!

Tiffany said...

What a wonderful way to enter the world, thanks for sharing such a sweet birth story! Happy birthday, Libby! : )

Appollo Schloss said...

Happy Birthday to that sweet girl, belated of course.

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to Libby!