An Ode to My Husband who is 39 Today.

Happy Birthday my husband, my dear beloved!
The crown that covers my head.

My heart swells and how it overflows
With the joy of our Quiver you've stuffed with sharp arrows.
Our children adore you.
Yes, you are their Hero!

I rejoice in the treasure of your life.
How could it be you would choose me as wife?
May my own years have the continued glory
Of sharing in this; your life story.

And, lest I dare ere forget
With deepest thanks to the woman who bore you without regret.
You were born to sweet parents after Roe v. Wade
When feminists victoriously lusted in their dead parade.
May I never forget the future your precious mother gave
When she cast off the world and chose to be brave!

In a day where Godly men are few
I take strength knowing your faith is true.
Tonight when your cake is lit with fire
And we all sing to you, whom we admire.
We will thank our God for His Creating
And Christ, our Savior, Our Messiah forgaving.

Happy Birthday my husband, my dear beloved
The crown that covers my head.


Colby Reynolds said...

Happy birthday Dad!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Happy Birthday Jake! Love Mom and Dad

Deborah Cabana said...

I just love reading the Reynolds Family Journal! Happy Birthday Jake! CELEBRATE life and all of it's goodness. So grateful for the gift of your life in ours! Aunt Debbie

Karen said...

I sure hope your day was delightful. You are such a blessing to me. I love you very much and I am so proud to name you as my family! Happy birthday sweet man!

JLR said...

Thank you so much sweetie, I had a wonderful birthday. I love you!

CLR said...

you are welcome.