Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow! and baby..

We had snow! Such a sweet time bundling up the littles. The driveway turned into a hard and fast ice patch. Jake donned his gear, grabbed the littles, and followed by everyone in between to include the fierce white creature named Salt, he charged the hill!

My family, how I love them all so much. Despite the fact they're a bunch of sinners! (Myself included.) I am seriously wondering who number 9 could possibly be. I'm befuddled by all of my symptoms. All the girl symptoms and boy symptoms I've ever had are in full bloom. Weird.

Hazel didn't understand the necessity of all the layers.

Sweet, hairy Lou!

Cool new sled on clearance from Target just in time.

Colby and Silas look alike here.

Seriously, Samuel. Enough with the eyes already!

Pretty girls waiting in line.

H e may appear to be so white, fluffy, and sweet in this picture. Don't be fooled! Somebody put him on the sleigh and sent him down the hill. He took it out on me. Poor Mom.


Jen said...

Poor Salt and poor mom! Looks like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

LOL mom, love the post:)

dirtandrib said...

I need Mama pictures. I like hairy Louisa.

Colby Reynolds said...

Great Pictures! Yep, me and Silas do look alike there in the image...

Karen said...

wow ... what fun!
Yes Silas and Colby were made from the same "genes" and they do look alike. Hazel looks like the rest of those darlings with her gorgeous eyes. And Salt looks like his hair is growing back, is it? Love the pictures!

CLR said...

Yes, it was, but he's having another fit. We were using an essential oil type product and ran out. We have more on order. He suffers greatly. He's afflicted because he such a terrible attitude! ;(

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

great pictures, we also s i n positive!