Alright, Enough of the Squirrels!

We are doing great.  The kids are keeping me from idleness and the house needs constant sterilizing!  Here's a few tidbits of what's been going on:

1. Louisa's getting ready to read her first book.  I say read and am prepared for a good 2 hours of sounding out... Mom, do you remember "Pan and the Mad Man?"
2. Silas is walking almost running everywhere.  He chases me down crying and is cutting about 6 teeth right now.  He's a real grump.
3. Silas just had his 15 month well-child appt.  He is 10-25% for weight, 25-50% for height, and get this, his head is whopping 90%.  All of these percents are in relation to other kids his age.  So, his head is 90% bigger than most other boys his age.  He's a smarty.
4. Benjamin announced that when he grows up he's going to become a dancer.
5. Jake and I have been test driving vans, buses, limousines, etc.  I think we're leaning toward the van.
6. I am nauseated most days and have a whopper of a toothache.  I'll see the Dentist tomorrow about that.
7.  Colby is still shooting, though is forbidden to shoot any more squirrels as it's just not right to accumulate squirrel skins. 
8. Jackie has 3 parts in the upcoming Nutcracker performance.  She's very excited and is working hard during her pre-pointe class... if she does well she'll get her Pointe shoes in the Spring.
9. Libby, oh Libby, she still has 2 crazy eyes, wild hair, and is the funniest little girl to hang around with.  She thinks any foul smell or sight is because of her dad...  
10. Jake is busy instructing other pilots.  He works long hours at the office and is taking a class every Tuesday Night.  He is also preparing for the upcoming deployment, actually we all are.

So that's that.  We are the Reynolds, through and through!


Claire Higgins said...

Much hustle and bustle around the Reynolds' household! How absolutely wonderful it all is! Enjoy!

Karen said...

sounds delightful ... would you call it that Christie? I wish I were in the middle of it all! I can't remember how the story ended ... Pan and the Mad Man. Lousia will have to read to me on my next visit.

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Busy Busy!