Out of the Mouth of Louisa..

Louisa is such a joy to teach.  There are times however that my response to her isn't joyful, but more frustrated.  Other times there's so much joy that I end up laughing with such pleasure.   For example when the year began we had to establish our morning Math Meeting.  This meant some adjustments, mainly for me as I realized there's a lot she just hadn't been taught, like counting to 100.  It's funny all the things kids learn from us, but how often do we count to 100 out loud for our kids to hear?  Exactly, we only count when necessary.  Typically we set the timer.  So, as she's counting, she's going v-e-r-y slow!  I told her to count faster, she countered with, "Ihhh don'ttttt talkkkk faaaast.  Thisssssss isssss howwwwww IIIII talkkkkk."  So cute.  She just wanted me to know that she talks slow and thoughtfully.  Which really is her nature.  She's a sweet little girl.  
This week I was able to teach her how to read time to the hour.  We were talking about the hour hand and the minute hand.  I asked her to tell me the difference between the two.  She quickly became saddened and said, "Ohh, the pour minute hand is shorter than the hour hand.  He's just a little one."  What a sweetie to take pity on the minute hand.
Then just yesterday.  She asked me when I was going to practice work.  I asked her what she meant and she told me that she wants me to go to work so that her daddy can stay home and teach her.  Such a humbling statement from a little thing.... I told her that I was the stay home teacher and that daddy works so hard to take care of us.  I know she doesn't get it yet... hopefully someday she will.  
Ahh a quick redemption, as I type this she said, "You are such a sweet mommy."  


Christy said...

What a sweetheart. We just love that little girl!

Karen said...

Sweet Lou,
she thinks deliberately and it sounds like she is learning with the same mindfulness. We hurry sometimes and should just be content to be in the moment (for whatever it is the Lord wants us to learn) .. don't hurry .. for that is a lesson in itself ... next you will say .. slow down and take your time.
You are the best teacher they could have .. I am sooooo proud of you.

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Yes Lou is a treasure like the rest of the grandchildren, I will always remember when we out for a visit last Nov, Louisa and Grandpa were playing in the backyard and she want to make me some mud pies. When Grandpa tried to eat the mud pie, Louisa said to Grandpa, "Grandpa we don't eat the mud pies, we just play make believe." Quite a statement for a 4 year old at the time Actually she caught Grandpa being silly, but I really am trying to be the Titus 2 mature man, it so hard not be be goofy around the GrandKids. And Karen you are so correct we are so blessed to have a Daughter in Law like Christie that is going far far beyond our expectations as a teacher to our many grandchildren. That credit goes right back to you and Chris for the wonderful job raising her.

Claire Higgins said...

Slow and steady, wins the race!