Once again, I'm amazed at how much I don't know

There are a few words in my database of which I am immediately convulsed to hear.  There are several different subtitles to this master list, so the one which I will zero in on is the Toddler/Adult Contagious Infections.  Stomach Flu taking the cake and Conjunctivitis right behind it.  Conjunctivitis is what I'm going to discuss.  Colby was the first child to get it and I guess that would be the obvious thing to say since he is the first born, but really we've only had a few nasty bouts of Pink Eye.  I think after Colby that Ben had it once and then Louisa.  So we skipped Jackie and Libby and wouldn't you know that Silas came down with the infection this week.  I was uncertain whether or not he really had it, but time told it to be true as his eye oozed green and transformed into a crusty green monster.  The eye which was infected already doesn't drain properly and the poor lad is looking at a dilation of sorts and some probing to make his duct the proper size, but this isn't the purpose of the post.  So, let me get to the point.  I am somewhat of a naturalist, earth nut, or what did our preacher allude to?  Oh yes, Neo Earth Mother.  Anyway I did some online research and saw a great tip which had enthusiastic reviews from other N.E.M.'s.  Are you ready?  Neosporin.  So, it's not organic essential oils, but it's a great antiseptic and something we keep on hand.  
The instructions were to wash the eye of it's gunk with a rinsed warm soft washcloth, after that smear between your finger and thumb a small amount of the gel.  Use one finger to smear the gel over and under the eye and across the eyelashes and using the other finger repeat with the second eye.  (Even if the second eye isn't infected it's best to treat it as pink eye has no trouble working and oozing it's way over.)  
Result:  Within 2 hours I've seen a marked difference.  I'm so excited.  


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Good work Christie, hope the rest the family does not
get it, as I believe it is contagious.

Claire Higgins said...

Awesome. :) Neosporin, the "cure all"...is that kind of like Windex?? hehe

Jesse said...

Glad to hear Future Mr. Right is doing better! Christy and I will have to file this one away for the future. I would've thought the recommendation would be to coat the uninfected eye first so that the infection isn't accidentally transferred, though.

Karen said...

way cool kiddo ... I would have guessed some sort of essential oil would do the trick.
I did learn over the weekend .. tumeric is very good for reducing inflammation ...also according to Ayurvedic medicine ... it is good for fighting cancer ... wow! who knew that the herbs God created would kill diseases! God!

I like to referr to you as an earth cookie.

CLR said...

Umm cookies