Being Sober Minded

As you all know, Colby is our first born child. He is a sweet reminder to us of God's Sovereingty through sin, redemption, and the joys of marriage; not to mention parenting. His due date was on Christmas Day and he came to us 3 days later, December 28.

There is a family at our church who like us was expecting their first born child, a son, on Christmas Day. We just celebrated him this weekend with a baby shower. God called this child from his mother's womb a bit early, on Monday in fact. She gave birth to a beautiful little boy. However, he isn't able to breath on his own and his kidneys will never function. They are cysts and this dear little child is going to die soon. The doctor's have given an estimate of 3-7 days. I have wept over and over again for these dear people. God has seen them through in a most remarkable way as they haven't turned from Him, nor lost faith. Rather, their testimony has been so great that the doctors and nurses are marveling at them, wondering how they are able to carry on without fear and anger.

God's Sovereignty is something that never ceases to amaze me. In all things, no matter how awesome or how sad, He is there and has designed it. I am sobered and humbled that we've spent such sweet time with our own children. Sometimes forgetting how dear they are and how I don't deserve this time with them.

Please pray for this couple to continue to adorn the gospel and to have Faith. Please pray especially for the mom as she is going through a painful recovery. Thank you sweet family and friends.


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

We will pray for this family.

pops said...

Sobering indeed.