Well, I dropped off Jake and Colby at the curb of the Coastal Carolina Airport in New Bern this morning around 5:55.  Kind of early for a Saturday.  Of the three of us I seemed to be the one lacking motivation.  Colby was comical in his packing and Jake and I were reminded we don't fly often.  Colby was wearing a Survival Fanny Pack, complete with water bottles, books, games, and a knives.  Oh yes, knives.  He asked Jake if he was bringing his knife.  Jake said, woe, no, you can't board the plan with a knife.  Colby is old enough that authorities would be unmerciful if he tried to smuggle that thing on board.  

B.R.V.  That's the new Acronym for the Big Red Van

Also, I went to the Doctor yesterday.  He is estimating that I am somewhere around 14-16 weeks pregnant.  Jake and I are somewhat relieved because we will deliver the baby here, or I will.  He will most likely still be in Iraq when the bundle gets here.  The doctor I saw was a breath of fresh air.  He was pleased to see that there are people who love large families and he also gave me a most excellent response to the baby.  Saying that I don't deserve this child, the baby is a gift.  I affirmed his statement and told him "I know what I deserve."  It is hell. Without question.  Only the redemption of Christ has enabled me to receive anything good.  

Next Friday I will have an ultrasound to firm up his thoughts..


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Way to go Christie! Great testimony, all glory to our savior Jesus Christ.

Karen said...

I am always amazed at your boldness for our Lord ... we should all be as loud as a trumpet!
I am excited for the big road trip for your guys ... a great time for the two of them.

Anonymous said...

PTL for reasonable docs!! I will be praying that your full experience is joyous with him. And thanks for your post on conjunctivitis because I woke up with it this morning...