Croquet or Go Inside!

What to do on a lazy day off?  Play croquet of course!  Jake had an extra long weekend, last weekend that is, due to the Veteran's Day holiday.  He and the kids became seriously involved in croquet match.  I say serious, because any event that involves competition at our home can become very serious.  Particularly as the kids have grown a touch older, and their respective strength and abilities have increased.  A simple game tends to evolve into a championship event, and there will only be one champion, no ties, no rainouts, no do-overs, unless you're Lou Lou who manages to get 4 swings to everyone else's 1 swing...  During the match I insisted on a picture, I told the family to be serious at first, you know, everyone smile and say cheese for the camera, and then the old, okay just be yourself... Here's what transpired.  Even Salt got into it!


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Great family time and precious memories!

Claire Higgins said...

What a great day! I've learned from playing cards that the Higgins family doesn't mess around when it comes to games...NO MERCY! hahaha

Karen said...

I wish I was there ... I would have won! I don't care how many rules I could break .... I want to win win win!