Snaggle Tooth and His Apprentice Strike Again.

Typically I don't have the privilege of witnessing Mayhem unfold in my house.  I normally just "happen" on the finished product.  I do say product because in Mathematics it's the answer to a multiplication problem. After Silas and Libby have finished doing anything together it's like multiplication in terms of laughter, mess, etc.  Anyway away from math.  I have known for some time there were shoe lovers in our home...  I'll see Silas prancing around in everyone's shoes but his own and Libby has a special fondness for her own.  She'll line up her church shoes and talk about them and then thank me for giving them to her..  The entranceway of our home in particular receives the brunt of the shoe trauma.  I'll emerge from the kitchen after cooking or schooling only to find the shoe baskets dumped with socks and shoes strewn all about.  Earlier this week I caught the culprits.  I gasped, ran for the camera and snapped away.  It's harmless fun really.  If I didn't have any gross factor about me and my feet were 8 sizes smaller, I'd probably don everyone else's shoes too.

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Karen said...

at least they are wearing shoes! i have witnessed the children not wearing anything!