Spring Ball

The last Cotillion Ball came up quickly and Colby looked pretty smart once again.  Libby really wanted to be his dancing partner and Jackie couldn't help but remark how handsome Colby looked.  
I was the privileged driver of Colby and his friend Mick to the ball again.  I had the best time sitting in the front seat of the BRV playing chauffeur.  The boys had some funny conversations that tickled me so.  The first one consisted of their great abilities to be outdoorsman, how they both could hand a rifle and a bow and arrow.  Not only that but how they could do those brave outdoor things and still dine at a table.  Before the conversation expired they were calling themselves, "Real Rennaisance Men."  Following this nerves began to take over and Mick mentioned how he had a light fluttery feeling in his stomach... I said, "oh, you've got butterflies in your stomach."  Colby immediately countered with, "I've got F-16's dropping bombs in mine..."  not a good thing I told him.  By the time we arrived to the country club Colby's F-16's were in, "full blown war" and Mick's butterflies had, "donned helmets and were shooting machine guns."  Such a funny drive.  I managed not to laugh out loud at how dear they were.  I had to smile the whole way home.  

Colby had a blast and had many stories to tell.  Beginning with the mouthwash incident.   Being that they were at a Country Club he was able to find mouthwash in the men's room.  He and the other boys decided to rinse out their mouths... Colby exclaimed to me, "Mom I didn't know what it was, it burned my tongue, it was like fire, I had to find a place to spit it out fast." He said that when he came back to the table his teeth and bits of food in between them were a shade of turquoise, unbeknownst to him, and his buddies at the table gave him a pretty bad time about it.  He told me his face was a deep shade of scarlet by the time they finished laughing at him.  There were 4 dance contests that evening, each crowning 2 winners.  Colby and his partner won 2 of the contests.  He was so excited.  He told me that during one of them he accidentally bumped into Mick sending him to the floor.  They decided that the following day they would have a duel with sticks to settle the matter..  They had a blast and pleasant memories were made.  


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

what great memories!

Claire Higgins said...

So adorable. What a wonderful young man!

Karen said...

What a wonderful story ... I can just imagine their little faces and the conversion in the back of the BRV.