Our house is feeling like Home

With the unpacking pretty much complete, the throws of life are beginning to feel normal to me again.  The kids are acting like themselves.  Though I think probably they've acted like themselves all along, only I was different.  With that, here's a look into what's been happening.

Samuel isn't sleeping through the night and that's okay.  I like getting up with the little tight fisted boy.  He's so sweet!  He's developing a flat spot on his head, so we're having to watch how we tuck him in at night.  Because of his clavicle injury, he's preferred sleeping on the side of his body opposite the injury.  He also hasn't used his left arm very often.  Thus he has limited movement and seems rather stiff on that left side.  These things should begin to clear up now that his clavicle is nearly healed.  His Dr. says that it takes 6-8 weeks for the fracture to heal.  

Silas received a Tonka truck for his birthday and likes to give Salt rides in it.  His vocabulary is expanding somewhat.  His favorite phrase being, "Daddy Home."  He's also sleeping in a regular twin size bed now.  He has the room to himself until we move Samuel out of our room in there.

Libby is much the same, crazy.  She asked me if I was a boy or a girl the other day.  I had to laugh because for a postpartum mommy this comment could lead to a great deal of crying..  She also realized I had the baby.  Two days ago, she exclaimed, with her crazy eyes in wonderment, "Mommy, did you have your baby?  YAY!!!" and then, "Mommy, are you having another one?"  I am carrying a pudge that's quite soft around the middle still.  Oh Libby.

Louisa spends ample time riding her "new to her" mountain bike.  She is practicing using gears and has already taken a ride down to the beach with Jake, Colby, and Ben.  She isn't quite ready to wonder off to the parks alone so she spends some time each day pouting - to which she's easily cheered by helping me in the kitchen.

Benjamin has made friends with two little boys named Jeremiah and Ezra.  They play war, ride bikes, and use walkie-talkie's.  He also enjoys swinging from the rope swing in our backyard. We have the most amazing climbing trees from which hang a thick rope, perfect for swinging, climbing, tying up your sister.. you get the point.

Jackie has a couple of friends, though she tells me, "They're not like the girls in North Carolina."  I agree with her, she left behind some dear friends.  She likes to run about with Colby and have light saber wars with he and his friends.  She's pretty neat.

Colby has taken up skateboarding and Jake just bought him a surfboard.  He's getting very excited for his upcoming classes this fall.  Some will be online and he's feeling quite grown-up about it.

Jake's busy adjusting to the new schedule of school.  Lots of studying to be done.  He's enjoying riding his bike to and from school.  We live rather close to the school, so it's about a 15 minute ride or so one way.  Colby sometimes bikes in with him and will start meeting him for lunch once or twice a week.  

I've been cooking.  That's how I feel most at home.  We've been enjoying yoghurt, bread, jam, granola and some new recipes from a new cookbook I was recommended from my friend called, "Barefoot Contessa."  It's fun and the recipes are easy to follow.  Just my style.  

I hope you are all well too!  We love you guys and are especially missing you East Coasties!


Anonymous said...

Sharing mummy-tummy stories...

Yesterday Kaylinn told me that I "look like you're going to have another baby." This, after starting running again and practically starving myself to get rid of the last stubborn pounds. I had to go to the pantry and get myself a chocolate -- ha!

Christy said...

Thank you SO much for the update! I was just logging on to beg you for one. As I was brushing my teeth this morning I was thinking about you all and wondering what each of you is up to. Thanks again for updating!

pops said...

Sounds awesome my little girl.

Sounds like all facets are kicking in, the kids updates are cute.
Thank You!!!

Graysie and Myia said...

We miss you guys too! After 3 weeks in RI I am ready to cook as well! Barefoot Contessa is calling my name. Your presence is greatly missed on our street! How nice it would be to share a cup of coffee and a big slice of something chocolate! Hugs to you all!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

thanks for all news.

Claire Higgins said...

Oh settling in is so hard, as you know, but it sounds like you guys are hoppin' right to it! It only will get better with time.
Thanks for all the great individual updates of everyone in the fam...stay well!

dirtandrib said...

We just returned from your time zone!
Our host prepared meals from the
Barefoot Contessa. Those cookbooks are
now on my wish list. Yum! We love you
guys and think of you often wondering what
you are doing. Love you!

Karen said...

sounds like the Reynolds are functioning and doing quite well.
The entire family has much to be thankful for! Friends, family, and health!
Love you all