Silas is 2

Silas turned 2 today.  It's hard to believe how fast the last 2 years have gone by.  We are so thankful for the time we've had with the sweet boy.  He's such a joy to us all.  With the singing of the "Happy Birthday" song tonight it was evident how much the little guy is adored by us all.  We praised God for His gift to us, ate cake, and opened presents in celebration of the day. Thank you for the phone calls(Moms and Dads), visit (Mrs. Good), video email (The girl and boy Pastor Thomas), and cards.  Silas felt so special even if he didn't know the significance of the day.


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

what sweet pictures.

pops said...

Silas is sooooo cute!
He and i were becoming fast friends till he had to leave! :(

Karen said...

next is the potting training, then homeschool, then baseball, and before you know it .... he will be a young man! A very cute young man! I am so thankful for the sweet gift of his life!