Vegas Baby!

In our journeys to the west we ventured through Vegas.  Arriving late in the evening our adventure was short-lived and we are glad for it.  I attempted a photo of the city the evening we drove in.  Obviously I've still not improved with the no-flash photos.  As dizzying as the photo is, that's actually about as much sense as Vegas makes to me.

So we obviously had to walk away with a funny story and this one is of sweet Lib again.  As we drove through the strange city of the desert we noticed several castles along the way.  They are obviously casinos of some sort, but Lib didn't know that, so we took the opportunity to exercise our parental rights and had some fun on her behalf, saying things like, "Look Libby that's your new castle."  We are going to move there.  She'd remark saying, "I am a Princess-Lady, I need to dance."  After we'd drive past it, we'd say, "Just kidding, that's not our new home."  Then we'd pass another castle and say the same thing.  Each time she'd get really excited and remark how she, "needed to dance" and how she's a, "princess lady."  We had quite the time of it and everyone laughed.  

Now driving through the desert with 7 children and a westie you must realize that your mind becomes a bit like mush from the long hours of no bathrooms, trees, or anything of the remotest interest.  Actually it can be very exciting when the 3 year old makes the dreaded pee pee call 20 minutes after the sign that reads, "next bathroom service 100 miles."  So, you get to pull over in a freaky ghost town and let your little girl squat to make pee while you support her; meanwhile your husband hangs out the window with a loaded gun just in case some goon decides to jump the BRV. Back to the point.  Driving through the desert is when the giggles can set in and crazy ideas cook up. For example; before we left North Carolina we would harass our little dog Salt.  Doing things like making him dance with us and putting little red boots on him.  You know the kind that your daughter might put on her American Girl Doll.  In the process of such harassment my husband would sometimes sing, "put on your red shoes and dance with me."  That particular line comes from a David Bowie song.  If you don't know Bowie, good for you, you're better for it.  So, I decided that I would download this song of his, "Let's Dance" just for the trip.  The song just happened to come on during this part of the drive.  We got to laughing hard about, "serious moonlights" and "fall into my arms and tremble like a flower."  Have you ever heard such nonsense?  What was the man thinking when he sang that song?  It's now officially our dog's song.  We have visions of our little westie "putting on his red shoes and dancing the blues."

Perhaps you had to be there to get it. 


Maryn said...

Princess Libby, Dancing Salt. It sounds more eventful than our desert drive. The dreaded bathroom signs were a familiar and awful sight though...

Claire Higgins said...

What fun memories!