Point Lobos

We took another hike last weekend to a beautiful place called, Point Lobos. The scenes are breathtaking. Not even a fancy camera could capture the beauty that God has created here. The wind blows smoothly against your face as you wind your way through dense forest to the edge of what seems the world. Looking out over the waves pounding the rocks gives one the sense that we are indeed very, very small and our God is indeed very, very Lofty!

The kids like this particular hike because it's a bit gentler on the legs and lungs. I can't complain either;). We've been to this area 3 different times now. We seem to gravitate to this particular area. Can you blame us?

It's becoming part of our Monterey schedule to hike every Saturday as a family. It's great communion with each other. With that said, be on the lookout for more of the same type posts, but only if I can get my act together.


Jen said...

My goodness that's beautiful! Where is this place and how come I haven't heard of it. Next time you go let us know, maybe we'll just invite ourselves along. Colby can carry Peter right? ;)

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

That is some beautiful country!

lifelove'n'wine said...

Oh wow, how gorgeous! I want to go there! Also, how wonderful that you all get to hike together as a family:)

dirtandrib said...

What a great way to explore this part of
the country...as a family!

Karen said...

this is beautiful!

Claire Higgins said...

What a great 'tradition' to begin. Clint and I talked the other day about setting these types of things into our life now.
How awesome!