Rebellious Servants!

I would never wish to be one of the women of the bible who kept a servant/handmaiden. The accounts from the scriptures of these women are heart-wrenching.. So instead, all of my servants plug into the wall. I operate them at my own discretion and expect them to put out optimal functionality when I want it! Much to my chagrin my servants have all been very rebellious in the last 2 weeks. From my washing machine that screams when it spins, to my dryer who won't close its door, to the kitchen aid which refuses to knead bread without grinding and popping gears, to my vacuum that won't suck. I won't mention the transmission, because that's Jake's man servant.

We've had maintenance men in and out and the washer and dryer are now running obediently again. Thanks to the purchase of extended warranties it didn't cost us the $1280 it otherwise would have. The Sears man noted that the machines are wearing out faster due to the 14-21 loads of laundry that are done a week. Go figure.
The vacuum cleaner is off in some appliance repair shop, thanks also to an extended warranty we purchased. We get it back Feb 10. I hope it comes sooner as the carpets are starting look shameful.
The kitchen aid however is not yet running. The warranty expired after 1 year and the unit is 4 1/2 years old. So, I have ordered the necessary parts to repair it. Colby and I took the thing apart and discovered a lubrication malfunction.. or something to that effect.
Metal on metal isn't good and a gear had busted. We discovered just what we needed and should have it up and running again soon. What fun. The cost to do it ourself was $53.00


lifelove'n'wine said...

How frustrating that all of your servents decided to quit at once! It's like they were conspiring against you!

How neat that you and Colby will be fixing one of them yourselves:)

pops said...

The mixer does not have lube, it has sealed bearings.
The gears got out of meshing cause the bearing wore out till it mis a ligned

jj said...

Hurrah to you and Colby! I can't imagine life without the kitchenaid -- that would hamstring me, too.

We lasted 2 weeks without the vaccuum and it wasn't pretty :)

Claire Higgins said...

When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? I know what you mean as we've recently had our dryer die, our water pump die, a leak under the sink, and lightswitches stop working. The plumber/electrician is here...I wonder what else he'll find!

Karen said...

Oh me oh my ... I would just run down and buy another one. Not sure I could go without my kitchenaid!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

super glue and duck tape.