Rocks and Socks!

Hmm, how many Reynolds does it take to light a cake?

The cake was heavy and very hot. Thankfully we have our very own left-handed warrior to manage it.
There was no shortage of candles to lick the frosting from.

Colby saved some cash and ordered his dad a classic surf movie, "Endless Summer." Check out our doggie/polar cub yawn..
Sweet Jack made lemon bars from scratch and wrapped them in sets of two. She stuffed a little brown bag with them and labeled it, "Treats for the best dad in the world!"
Louisa collected some local rocks and drew a lovely picture for her daddy. So dear.
And Libby, oh Libby.. she spent all week stealing various items from Jake, like socks and bibles. She packaged them in a purple party bag and carried them around with her every single day, you know to give the bag that I've been recycled and reused look. She even wacked Silas upside the head with it a couple of times. She designed a very personal, "email" for Jake as well. That's what she refers to the letters that come in the mail and the cards we give each other, emails...
Louisa designed a game called, "Pin the paper on your name." Libby was tripped out to be blind-folded. So, she didn't play with us.

There's nothing quite like a party at the Reynolds! Next month we have 2 more.. Woo Hoo!!


Appollo Schloss said...

What great gift ideas! And the pictures can't be beat, you really have a knack for photography!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Precious family memories, hopefully if and when we retire we can join in.

CLR said...

Aww, we hope so too guys!

Claire Higgins said...

What a fun time! the pic of Ben is great! Sweet Libby...you have such funny stories of her. :)

Gaines Family said...

Looks like quite the party! Happy belated!!