Baseball Season Really isn't Over

My sons have been collecting baseball cards for years.  To be quite honest, I don't understand collecting.  My mom never really collected anything, except good music, and growing up I took most of my cuing from her.  My dad collected coins, flies for fly-fishing, and I'm thinking that's all.  My husband on the other hand was also an avid collector and baseball cards was his forte.  So, like their pop, the boys have amassed a rather large collection of cards through the years.  

Recently, Colby and Benjamin decided to host a Baseball Card Show for their neighborhood friends and of course their family.  There was a small fee to get in and with your entrance fee there was a free pack of cards waiting for you.  There were even the most rare of cards... Autograph cards of Colby and Benjamin during their little league years.  Those were a hit!
Here they are getting set up.
Their buddies and sisters have shown up with allowances in hand... hopefully to make wise choices.
There was even a catering service hired.
Jackie Lynn Catering.
It was really fun for the kids and I'm glad they are so creative.   I really enjoyed all the little signs they hung up.  It was insisted that everyone wash his hands before even entering the card arena.  So smart!


Karen said...

This is great ... It reminds me of when I was a child.
My sisters and I would make hand puppets out of old socks, make a stage out of card board boxes and then charge the neighborhood kids to come see out puppet show.
I think Colby and Ben had a better idea!

JackieLynn said...

That was a fun memory! remember the draw for cards and cupcakes!

Claire Higgins said...

great idea kids!

Gaines Family said...

Ahhhh, to be young again. Such fun!