Top 10 Large Family Comments of 2010

There are many times that comments are made by strangers in response to just seeing our not-that-large-to-me family.  Typically, this happens in the check-out line or the freezer section of the grocery store, don't ask me why... Perhaps those are the places I'm the most stationary.  Often, I am able to muster a God-glorifying, sweet response to them.  There are other times that I feel like scowling in response and perhaps even unloading more than my shopping cart.  Without further ado, below is listed a small grouping of the uncensored things which roll out of the mouths of God's Creatures.

10. "How many of these are you babysitting?"

9. "Are you sure they're all yours?"

8. "Wow, do you know how this happens?"  Sometimes I feel like saying, "actually no, we're still trying to figure that out!"

7. "You look too skinny and frail to have that many children."

6. "More people should be like you. The muslims will take over otherwise."

5. "Your family is beautiful.  I wish more people would have more children."  My personal favorite!

4. "They are really all yours?  Are they from the same marriage?"

3. "So, are you guys Catholic or Mormon?"

2. "Wow, this is your mom's 8th pregnancy, she even looks Sane!"  This one was super funny because Jackie relayed it to me.

and the final, most ghastly of all and I'm so glad Jake was on the receiving end of this:

1. "Holy ..... "  This was spoken to Jake at a Christmas party of all places.

There you have it.  People are extremely curious, sometimes rude, and other times very kind!  It's always a great opportunity to magnify the Gospel and Christ's work in our family.

Merry Christmas and yes, they're all ours!


Jen and Geoff said...

You are all so lucky to have such a large, loving family! Merry Christmas to you all!

Appollo Schloss said...

That's funny! Thanks for sharing, Merry Christmas!

Gaines Family said...

Too funny. #6 and #3 had us laughing out loud!!
You are abundantly blessed to have the family that you do and what an honor that the Lord continues to add to it. Merry Christmas!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

greqt memories. We love the blog

dirtandrib said...

In response to #3..."No, we are passionately Protestant."

jj said...

I guess the rabbits comment didn't make it to the top ten :) Did I tell you that in the last month of this pregnancy a woman actually told me that I should get my tubes tied?! And She Meant Well by it.

Claire Higgins said...

My mom was mistaken for being my grandmother once. :)

CLR said...

jj- I thought about that comment as I was typing and I decidedly decided that I had to get past it...

Claire, That's kind of funny and I wonder if that will happen to me. Someone at Costco asked me if Jackie and I were sisters, I was extremely flattered ;)

CLR said...

Passionately Protestant.. I'm thinking that's what I'll title our next blog.

Maryn said...

Love this!

Shelley Mathiot said...

Very funny blog! I remember when my four were little, people would ask me if I was running a day-care out of my home. People also asked me if the mail man or the post man had red hair because of my one red-head.