Christmas Trees Again!

Somehow the Christmas Season has come again.  Each year it seems to arrive quicker and quicker.  We are ready though.  We love to feast and celebrate the birth of our Great Savior!
We headed to a new tree farm we had heard about at church.  We hiked a tall hill and spread out the tarp and wool blanket and had a picnic.

Silas is loving his pb&j.  Sweet times with such sweet, dear people.

Samuel was a bit disgruntled when he saw a ziploc bag loaded with chocolate chip cookies out of his reach.  The smug look returned to his face when his chubby mitts held one of their own.
I was content with hot cider.  Just like any other woman I know, I was cold and there's nothing like a hot drink to warm the bones.
After fellowshipping with some dear friends from church we decided it was time to hunt for the "perfect" tree.  We found it too.  Her name is, Peaches.  Something unique about the farm was that each tree had its own name.  Libby was so excited.  After Jake cut it down Libby kept saying, "Look mommy, I am kissing Peaches!"
Then it was time to go home.  I had to snap a picture of a sign in the little Christmas tree store.  Cute huh?


pops said...


I so love your stories!!1

I can remember as a kid going into the woods in Deep snow with M&M and sawing down a forty foot tree to get the top six feet for our tree.
The tree top was never as full when we took it down as it looked on the top of a huge tree!

Love you guys

Karen said...

It looks like Jake is trying to sneak up on the tree and going to kill it, instead of cutting it down. Tell Jake the tree will not run from him Ha!
Looks like you guys had a great time and a day full of joyous moments.

JackieLynn said...

such a fun day

Claire Higgins said...

I love your life! So great! And the pictures are just perfect. I love hot drinks, too, in any kind of weather!

Gaines Family said...

Great pictures! What a hilarious sign, good stuff.

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

great pictures! Ask Jake if he remembers when we cut a christmas tree on the Mt Shasta, I believe the Christmas of 1975. Jesus is the reason for the season!