Benjamin is 10

Benjamin turned the big 10 this week.  He celebrated over the course of two different days. Monday we had his, "party."  He wanted to invite two of the neighbor boys and because of a prior conflict on his true birthday, Wednesday, we decided to celebrate early so everyone could be there.  We had a lot of fun and he was thrilled to have so much attention poured on him.  He wanted a Texas Ranger themed party.  That is his favorite team and baseball is his favorite thing right now.  Louisa organized a, "pin the bat to the player" game.  I did my best to create a baseball-ish looking cake and we celebrated fully.
Here's the lad looking into his blazing cake.  We used up the rest of the "tricky" candles from Jake's birthday.  Benjamin didn't mind and had equal success attempting to blow the things out.  
Sam's excited for the game or maybe he's just excited because he's got his blankie between his teeth.
We continued the celebration of Benjamin's birthday on Wednesday. His official birthday. Jake took him and his older brother, Colby, by special request, for breakfast. After which, they dropped off Colby and headed over to Pass and I.D. where Benjamin had his I.D. card made. He was excited about the event and Jake told me it was a very serious moment having his picture taken. Judging by the expression on his I.D. card I couldn't agree more. After the appointment was finished Jake and Benjamin headed North to Santa Cruz and spent the day together. They shopped for a skateboard for Benjamin's present, they hit baseballs at an indoor batting cage, they cruised on their boards up and down the cliff and they topped it off with some pizza.

Benjamin at one of his favorite newly discovered places, Pleasure Point Pizza.
Posing with a cool board and helmet near a cool truck.
Benjamin's celebrations were just right for a decade old little lad.  We are so thrilled to be the parents of such a passionate, beautiful young man.  We praise the Lord for the life that he has given Benjamin and the life he has given us through this child.  Benjamin, may you bring glory to our Lord in whatever you do and may you cause His face to shine upon you.

We love you son!


Claire Higgins said...

Ummm...KILLER BIRTHDAY! What an awesome celebration! Happy Bday Ben! :)

Jen and Geoff said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday!

Gaines Family said...

What fun. Ben looks so precious in the picture where he is posing with his pizza. So different from the toddler I remember ; )

Maryn said...

What a fantastic day! Happy Belated Birthday, Ben!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Happy birthday Lefty!

Karen said...

What a dear child he is. He appears to be so serious!
I will see just how serious he is in a couple of weeks.
Can't wait to hug on him! Happy birthday Ben!