Jackie is 12

Saturday, March 12, 1999, was a day that changed our lives forever. Our 2nd child was born and a daughter at that! Most of you know Jackie came rip roaring into the world. My labor was so fast that my dear husband couldn't get me to the hospital to deliver our baby. He did get me to a gas station where our little girl came into the world. She was born blue, but once awakened from the shock of a fast birth in the cold weather, she took a helicopter ride to the hospital. To be honest, she hasn't slowed down since. Jackie is a marvel to us and we adore the child so much. She is smart, so beautiful, an amazing sister, a delightful daughter, a Christian and in her free time a ballerina. Her last birthday "party" she had was back in Okinawa when she turned 5 years old. There's a picture of her below. She was so little then.

Jackie is growing and changing.  This year she asked for another party. After the morning ballet class I took her, some ballet friends, as well as a little friend from church to an afternoon of celebration.

Here they are loaded in the van and oh. so. excited.

We went to lunch at a local pizzeria.

They filled their cups to the brim with sodas of sorts and snacked on breadsticks and marinara while we waited for the pizza.

After lunch we headed over to the local mall and shopped around for about an hour.  After the hour had passed we went to the movies and watched, "Gnomeo and Juliet."  The girls really liked it. After the movie was done we headed back home.  The girls played for a bit while we waited for the moms to come and pick them up.  During this time we also had a visit from the local law enforcement, paramedics and fire department.  More on the that in another post.

Once the emergency team was gone and all of the guests had left except Jack's friend from church, we started the family celebration.

Jake's folks popped in for a surprise visit and were able to celebrate with us.

Here's Jackie opening some of her gifts.  She's cracking up at a card she got that sang, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."


Red Velvet Cake.

Sweet delivery of the cake by her sweet poppa.

With the candles blown out it's time to eat some of that cake.

Sweet family happy to celebrate Jackie.
We had a very fun, eventful birthday party for Jackie, but in contrast to her original Birthday it was pretty calm. We praise God for blessing us with Jackie. She is a delight to us all. Jackie, grow and glorify the risen Lord darling!


Jen and Geoff said...

Jackie is so beautiful! Sounds like she had a fun time.

What's with the paramedics?

Gaines Family said...

Happy birthday Jackie. What a lovely little lady!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

we had a wonderful time. hard to believe our Jackie will be a teenager this time next year.

Karen said...

Wow Jackie, sounds like an incredible day. I am so excited for you ... what a beautiful young lady you are growing into. I love seeing how you have changed. My memories of you when you were little are very dear to me ... I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.
I will hug you then!
love you

Claire Higgins said...

So much fun! Happy birthday, sweet Jackie Lynn!

...waiting on the paramedics story.

Appollo Schloss said...

Oh....what fun! It made me want to be 12 again. Happy birthday to the beautiful birthday girl.

Katherine Machamer said...

Oh my gosh! This seems so long ago, wonderful memories! I miss that girl! :(