For my Family, at Home Working.

My break has indeed been a break. Taking in the views has alone been a refreshment. The air is warm here and dry. No humidity to be found which makes the breathing smooth and easy. Jake and children, thank you for making this possible! 

Now for a little tour. On the first full day mom took me for a little tour and to Costco.. How fun! Below is a small cove and a little known beach. I say little known because most of the tourists don't know it, only the locals.
 Their were a few boats in the cove area and the folks were coming off of those to do some snorkeling. I intend to do the same.
There are no pictures from yesterday because sweet little Hazel was very ill from a terrible stomach ache. I had gotten into some fiery salsa and it messed things up for her. The sweet little dear was very sad and refused to eat, leaving me very uncomfortable...

Mom took Hazel and I out to the end of the peninsula today. If you look closely you will see that there is a cruise ship in the water through the leaves of the palm behind me. We are eating lunch at a restaurant that sits overlooking the water. It was yummy food, but not near as tasteful as the beauty that my eyes were taking in. The water behind me is known as the Sea of Cortez. Notice the rock in the back right hand side of the picture. On the opposite side of it is the Pacific Ocean. The rock is the place that marks the boundary for both oceans, it is where they meet. Mom says that on the opposite side of the rock it is wild. You'll find all manner of ocean life on shore, such as sea lions, and seals.
 Below is a picture of a part of the coast facing South.
And another one facing North this time.
If you look closely you'll see that beyond all of the buildings is mountainous heaps of desert. It is very dry and arid. Lots of cactus and desert brush. I imagine that the kinds of creatures one might find would consist of scorpions, lizards, and snakes. Pretty wild out there!

I love you guys and miss you. I will be excited to see you and as I mentioned am coming home with little Cabo San Lucas treasures for you all as well as a blog prize.  

All of my love,


JLR said...

You are welcome dear. And, after this week of homeschool, I understand that you definitely deserve it!

The coast looks beautiful, and I notice that you have intentionally, and mercifully, not included pics of the ripping chest-high surf. Thank you as it may be too much for me to see at this point.

I love you.

dirtandrib said...

She serves you well, Jake!

CHiggins said...


there's no surfing there ...........

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Great pictures and details.

Jen and Geoff said...

So glad you are enjoying yourself! Looks beautiful.

Appollo Schloss said...

Looks lovely.