Higgins Update

I wanted to share a picture of my brother, Clint, his wife, Claire, and their two little beauties, Josie and Kate. Josie is 2 years old, she celebrated her birthday on Thanksgiving this year, check out her curls! Sweet Kate is about 4 months old now and I had promised 4 months ago when she was born that I'd share a picture of her. She is just as lovely as the rest of the family. 

The Higgins are back stateside now and are living in California. I'm hoping one of these days our two families will live near one another. It would be a sweet kindness from the Lord if he made it so! 


Jen and Geoff said...

They are all beautiful! I haven't seen Clint in ages. I hope we can at least plan a visit with you soon, Christie!

Karen said...

I just love that picture. Daddy said there is one waiting for me at the house.