I had so much FUN!

The trip to Cabo San Lucas was the best. I had so much fun and even got a little sun. Actually a lot of sun. The weather was beautiful while I was there. The first few days presented a bit of wind, but that wasn't a problem. Because of the location of Cabo, which is right on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, there are lots of winds to be had. Mom said that the wind we experienced was mild and that I should have been there a few months ago when it was whipping so hard one could barely sleep at night. Anyway, on to the trip. 

We went to the beach and I snorkeled 3 times.

We went to the markets and shopped. I spent my Christmas money on some hand blown glass goblets speckled in white. I also bought a mortar and pestle. Because of the significant weight I tried to hand carry it through security at the airport. They said I could use it as a weapon and I needed to check it. I wasn't about to pay a fee for a piece of baggage, so I called mom and she came back to the airport and picked it up for me. I'll get it another time. I also brought home some special drink for my man and some vanilla for one of you! The girls received hand embroidered dresses and the guys t-shirts. So much fun. 

Oh, and I almost forgot.. we went to the fabric shop. I have never seen such obscenely low priced fabric before. I bought 4 meters of a velveteen type fabric for the ball gown I intend to make this year as well as 3 bobbins of thread and some ribbons for less than 25 dollars..That is crazy cheap!! 

We ate good food to include the best fish tacos ever, sword fish, sashimi, roasted mushrooms with wicked hot salsa and mom made me omelets every morning for breakfast. Am I sounding spoiled yet?

Onto the pictures:

Hazel thought the beach was fun, here she's drooling because she was cutting 2 teeth.

I went snorkeling. I developed a very strong affection for the hobby while living in Okinawa. It was so sweet to be able to get back into the water with a mask and snorkel.
 The sunrises were spectacular as well as the sunsets. Pictured below is the view off the balcony at mom's place. The sun was not yet on the horizon, but the sky was bright with color marking its soon appearance.
 I mentioned desert. Below is a glimpse of the desert land just before the foot of the mountains. Mostly low lying shrubs and lots of cacti.
 Back at the beach with Hazel. Notice the little Mexican rattle in the foreground. It matched the pants I made for her to wear down there. She LOVES that rattle!
 And of course a picture of mom and I at the beach on our last day there together. What a special time it was.
I will do the drawing soon. All of the names are already in a bowl on the counter. I intend to do a video drawing and have a little entertainment going in the background. Look for that sometime in the next week. The gift as I mentioned is Mexican vanilla. Except that I bought it super potent so you only would use half that a recipe calls for. It's supposed to be the best!


TMGaines said...

Beautiful pictures and I really must say that you look amazing Christie! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. =)

Karen said...

I loved having you here. I can't wait for your next visit.
I miss you and it was the best Christmas gift a girl could ask for. (I am talking about me .. thank you Jake for sending her)

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

We are so pleased that you had a wonderful restful time with your precious mom!

dirtandrib said...

Such a fun time! Love that Mimi spoiled you!

Jen and Geoff said...

So glad you had such a nice time together! Looks like a blast, and you both look great!

CHiggins said...

Wow Christie
Isn't beautiful there?
I knew you would love it, I'm happy you got to go and Happier that we all have a place we can gather in the sun!!

CLRogers said...

What a great time!! Still laughing about your weapon, hehe.

CLR said...

CLRogers.. I know, seriously right? I nearly cried when they tried to take it from me.

I'll get it on another visit.