Louisa Jean, that girl is 9!

It didn't take long for August 8 to come around again. We were delighted to wake up to a sweet Lou ready for pancakes and a big celebration. The day glided by and was sweet and dear.. kinda like Louisa herself. We went out to Chick fil A for lunch and because we were celebrating they gave us a free Sundae. 

Lou spent the day anxiously awaiting her daddy to get home from work. I'm sure the joy had something to do with it coinciding with the start of the party. While she awaited for his grand entry, Jackie and I set to work on dinner and dessert. Louisa requested lasagna for dinner and a rainbow birthday cake. It was a blast to fix some of her favorite things. 

Once Jake got home Louisa wanted to go on a special bike ride. It worked out perfectly that this was her one desire, because her big present was a new bike. You have to understand that this is Louisa's first bike of her own. She's always been blessed with the hand-me-down bikes. We are thankful for those, but there's something very special about something new and all your own :).

Jake tucked the bike under a moving blanket and set it outside the garage. Louisa came around the corner riding her old (also Jackie's old) bike. Jake offered to fill the tires because they were low and then instructed her to check out what was under the blanket. She was excited!
See what I mean?

Thanks daddy!

A perfect fit for our leggy girl.
While the lasagna baked we just had to beat the pinata. For some reason we just can't get enough of those. I really like the picture of Jake hanging the thing. You can't tell from the picture, but he used a surf leash to hang it from. Brilliance~
Sunset Pinata.

Just a few excited bystanders.

Colby, for the 3rd straight party, busted the pinata into bits. As a matter of fact we couldn't find the thing for a while. We discovered later it had been launched into a tree.
 The rainbow cake for Lou. Homemade and delicious. Just the way it should be.
Rainbow Cake

She was pleased with that too!
There was success after the 2nd blow.

Our girl.
Louisa's birth was a difficult one, but one that I am immensely thankful for. The hardest things in life often end up being the sweetest. I'll always remember her birth in a very tender way. The day after her first breath had been taken I was resting in the recovery unit of the concrete hospital on the island of Okinawa, Japan. While I embraced the newness of another life I was shaken to the core of my very soul by a loud whaling coming up the hall. It was a woman. One who was very deeply grieved. She was anguishing in a way that I had never before. Her baby had been born and had died the day before my Louisa had been born. Louisa herself had come into this life very blue, in distress, with the cord wrapped twice around her little neck. She was resuscitated and was given life. I was so thankful to have her. To watch her sleep and to hear her cry. I will never forget the sounds of that day. I will always be thankful for her life. The life God gave and could easily have taken. What a precious gift. What a dear little soul our Lou is. Thank you Lord for your mercy to me!


dirtandrib said...

We love you, Louisa! We need to see you ride this new bike soon.

Jen said...

Happy birthday, Louisa! That is one beautiful bike for one beautiful girl. Love the big smile on her face in those pictures. Thanks for sharing!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

what a sweet happy face. Such long legs! Great for bike riding. We love you Louisa. Grandpa and Grandma

Appollo Schloss said...

Happy birthday! What a moving story.

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Christian will be nine in a couple of weeks....how the time does pass! What a fabulous cake and a touching reminder about the gift of life.

CLRogers said...

Happy Birthday to another sweet Reynolds! And what a great post!....gracias.

Karen said...

Our dear sweet Lou. What a delight her life is. The party looked like a blast and the cake looked delicious!
Happy Birthday Lou ... Love you!

CHiggins said...

Love you Sweet Lou !!!!

Anonymous said...

i love you louisa!

dirtandrib said...

I keep coming back to look at this girl! The first picture is my favorite.