Skin of my teeth.

Tonight I was really wrestling with the idea of homeschooling next year. We are going to homeschool, don't fret your dear souls about it. But, I was really having a time of doubting. Seeking out Jake's bank of wisdom is always the cure for such doubtful times. I was feeling anxious about the ability to homeschool. Are we really doing the right thing? Homeschooling is hard and each continuing year of it presents new challenges that never cease to amaze me. I often wonder how will I teach math well to a 2nd grader and a kindergartner and nurse a baby. When will there be time to play with a preschooler and counsel a junior high student through geometry. How will I fit a late night counsel with a needful teen and manage waking at least twice with a toddler in the middle of the night and still make the 0530 alarm for bible time?

What's awesome about the counsel my husband gave me is that I will do these things by the skin of my teeth. I asked Jake to show me where in the bible God's people made it by the skin of their teeth.. He reminded me of the widow and her son and the jar of oil that remained the same. God cared for them by giving the endless provision of oil and meeting the need of their sustenance of food. Their life stayed the same. They were poor, no man to care for them, and yet the daily allowance was all they needed. It was a long season of it. Their problems weren't solved in a day. Why should I think my woes and concerns will be addressed and resolved in a day? Am I not to cling to Christ? Of course I am. If I am to have any growth or to see any improvement in this pursuit of life it will be through the great provision of God, NOT through the great provision of Christie.

Next year, Colby needs to take Chemistry. The only co-op I know of that teaches it conflicts with online courses and demands a great deal of involvement from me. Colby doesn't want to take it online and I don't want that for him. So, what's a mom to do? Pray of course. Trust of course. Not worry.. of course! You too could pray for me.

Silas also starts school this year. So that's 6 kids in school. They are still going to be nourished far more than they would if they sat in a class with 24 peers and a faithless soul to guide them. They will be loved and disciplined by the woman who cares more for them than any other in the world. They will not be ostracized or condemned for their faith in Christ. They will be trained to think well and to view this fleeting life with a biblical world view. They will persevere and like their mother will sometimes make it by the skin of their teeth. The comfort in this is that by the skin of their teeth means clinging to Christ. We will laugh much. We will sing much. We will marvel at this place that God has called us to be. At the end of the day we will gather round our table singing songs to our Lord most high and give a toast to the one who made us. To the one who finished the great work which needed to be done. Our Christ our Savior. The one we cling to the one we are saved by.


CHiggins said...
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CHiggins said...

You are so AWESOME !!!

Karen said...

When I feel over whelmed ... all I need to do is read your post and bring my self back to the reality of how easy I have it.
You have, do, and will inspire me to get out of my own way and be more like Christ and less like me.
Daddy is right .. You are AWESOME!
Thanks for posting.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the perspective check, Christie! This time of year can be so daunting. Our prayers will be said for your sweet family and I look forward to how God will work out all of the details : ) Blessings!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Ditto Chris and Karen! We are both blessed more than we deserve for your daughter's walk with Jesus and how the Lord uses her for his gory to inspire all us!