Baked Ant Casserole....

This is what's going to be on the menu for dinner if gas prices continue to rise and the kids don't thoroughly wipe down the counters.

We are doing well. My mom was here last week and the kids are desperately missing her this week. She made dozens of pancakes and we ate more fish than we normally do in a year. It was such a treat and we were even able to escape the palace for a few hours and go to lunch and do some shopping. We ate Subway for lunch and went to TJ Maxx. I bought two bath rugs, for our bathroom, and a pair of black leather flip flops, all for a low price, making good use of some birthday money.

Oh yes, I haven't mentioned the orange crayon that went safely through the wash and then melted in my dryer. That was a lot of fun. If you ever find yourself in a similar fix, try Comet. It worked like a charm.

We had a wonderful Sunday, celebrating the Lord's table in the morning at church. Communion has become such a celebrated part of my life. It may seem strange, but as I recognize the intents of my heart and as my sin is revealed, confessed, and forgiven, the Remembrance of Christ and meaning of the sacraments has become an awesome celebration. Unfortunately, I have spent some time in my walk, neglecting to fully understand and appreciate Communion.

This week is our last week of school. The kids are pleased and if you listen closely you might hear the scratching of lead on paper as they hurry to neatly and efficiently complete their work.

We are having fun working in the garden as well. Tomatoes are growing and the basil has been picked so much that I am going to have to let it be for a few days so it will re-establish itself. I planted 3 pumpkin seeds and the plants are so huge, that I think I will have to uproot 2 of them. Eggplant, crookneck squash, green beans, and cucumbers are all establishing themselves too.

Enough of what's streaming through my head. Have a blessed week friends and I will post again soon.


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Thanks for the update!

dirtandrib said...

I'll bring lizard stew.

CLR said...

what's for dessert?

Jesse said...

Spider shortcake.