Gated Communities

Things are crazy around here and I wouldn't have it any other way....  Well actually, I would take a nap without worries of an outbreak of chaos, and I would drink 6 cups of coffee just for pleasure if I knew I could still take that nap..  Silas is a busy little man and has inherited this little gated community for the time being.  We'll return it when the time comes that we can't contain him.

You may think that he doesn't need containing.  Look at this.  He does.  He is busy and quick as any other healthy, soon to be 1 year old child.  He reminds me of Colby in his looks, and his disposition is much like Ben's.  He loves to lean his head on my shoulder and play bashful with strangers.  I enjoy it so much when he does.  He keeps his mouth open a good part of the day and there you'll see his tongue, hanging out.  (This picture to the left wasn't staged.  I grabbed something from the fridge and Silas climbed in.)

Speaking of Colby, I knew he had big feet because he's been wearing my flip flops to the pool. What I didn't realize was that he has a man size foot.  Measuring in at a 7.  I was so proud when I went to purchase his shoes, but stunned when it donned on me that I would need to pay Man prices.  So, he received his first pair of man shoes in the mail yesterday.  When did that boy get so big? 

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john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Loved your comments on your gated community and reminding us that Colby is growing up so quick.