Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow (part 2)

Yesterday was Fathers Day.  It started off in a whirlwind and ended peacefully.  You may be thinking what kind of whirlwind is going on at the Reynolds' this week.  Let me explain.

Sunday morning Jake and I are lying in the bed fighting the call of the day to "get up."  You know the old -- I'll get up after you get up trick.  Neither of us would budge and in comes Libby.  Cute as can be with her morning hair in snarls.   She climbed in bed with us to spend some time.  So sweet.  She says she has to go "peep."  Jake sends her in our bathroom to go.  She goes in and I hear her crying.  I know that she is probably having an emergency and can't figure out her undies.  Jake runs in but is too late.  There is "peep" all over the floor.  I left to go get the dog rags and come back to clean up.  After I came back with the rags, I hear a voice outside my bathroom window.  I can tell it's Lou because it rings so sweet and stutters a bit.  I try to make out what she's saying while I'm cleaning.  She is saying, "Iiii caught a wabbit."  Of course I'm interested.  So I reach as close to the window as I can without stepping in the peep and screamed.  It's not just a rabbit.  It's a bunny, dead, entrails exposed, perfectly coiled in Salt's water bowl.  Utter shock.  Jake comes running and I told him Louisa's holding a gutted rabbit.  He yells for her to put it down.  Jake goes out and manages things, while I clean up peep.  By this time, Silas has been released from his crib and is crawling up the stairs.  Jake rescues him from a certain fall.  I go outside, bleach the patio and dog bowl.  Of course, Salt needs a good scrubbing, as his white fur is streaked with bunny blood.  As it turns out, Louisa released Salt for his morning potty time and he spotted a rabbit.  She tried to grab Salt so that the bunny could run away and was unsuccessful.  Salt gets the hare and destroys it.  Louisa later tells me this, and that she was trying to keep the bunny from dying.  I asked her why she had put it curled up in Salt's bowl.  She told me that she, "couldn't find the bug catcher."


Christy said...

wow. happy father's day, jake! haha!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Classic, a best seller someday if you will safeguard these precious memories.

Claire Higgins said...

Holy cats! Don't tell Clint that story or he'll be freaked about EVER having kids! Ha!

pops said...

Love it!

Go Saltie!

Karen said...

Christie, you have a way with words. I love these stories.
Can't wait until we are together again.