Pasta, Pasta, give me Pasta!!

Tuesday Evenings are rather busy at our home.  Jackie has ballet from 4:45-7:15 and the boys have baseball practice from 5-7.  Their hobby practices take place in 2 different cities... So, the littles and I run everyone around and normally head back to our haven for an hour and a half of play.  Tonight groceries needed to be purchased, so we headed to the commissary instead.  I arrived home from shopping at 6:30, fed my kids cereal while I unloaded the groceries and took care of them... it was a great activity for instigating some pretty heavy braxton-hicks contractions. We left the house at 6:50 and picked up the boys and then headed to James City for Jack.  We came home to a mess, huge mess, grocery bags here and there, toys, dog, toilet paper, all strewn about.  We worked together and cleaned up a bit.  Mind you, the big 3 ate chow before their practices.  That left me, the cow, hungry for my own chow...
Here's what I made.  It was so good.

In a pan heat some olive oil, throw in some sliced purple onion, cook until beginning to carmelize, throw in 2 cloves of minced garlic (I smell yummy), toss in a handful of sliced baby portabella mushrooms, continue cooking until a bit soft, now toss in a diced tomato.  Season with Pepper and some salt.  Add a splash of wine if you have any and allow it to cook long enough to reduce a bit, now for the kicker a splash of heavy cream... oh yeah the good stuff.

Meanwhile cook your linguine until al dente.  Toss the linguine and your sauce together and top with fresh grated/shaved parmesan cheese.  Oh it was so good.  So, so, so good.

Serve with a tall glass of cow juice and your set.

olive oil
purple onion
baby bella mushrooms 
salt and pepper
splash o' wine

your favorite pasta

You will not regret this.  

In case your wondering I don't feed my kids cereal that often... and I only refer to myself as a cow because of the amount of red meat and dairy products I've been consuming lately... I didn't mean to eat that half pint of ice cream in one sitting, really I didn't.


Gaines Family said...

ok, I'm salivating!! I will have to try this out soon, thanks for sharing : )

Maryn said...
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Maryn said...

Sounds Yum!

Claire Higgins said...

Totally awesome--totally easy too! I need to replenish the portabella mush supply and I am ALL over this one. :)

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Dad R will try to make it!

Karen said...

Honey you are not a cow ... they don't eat red meat!

JLR said...

...apparently, neither do mother-in-laws.