Maybaby Update

I had the much anticipated Sonogram this morning.  Maybaby looks fabulous!  
I have an abundance of amniotic fluid, enough so that I will be having sonograms with each appointment from here on out. 
The biggest concerns are: 
1.) preterm labor because of the large size..  supposedly my body may think it's time to give birth because of the weight of the water or something like that..  
2.)the baby may grow large because of the large tank he's in.  We'll see.  I had an excess of fluid with Louisa and she came through weighing 9 lbs. 5 oz. 
3.)i'll have lots of fluid and lots of baby and deliver late like I normally do :)
The baby weighs approx 3 and 1/2 pounds right now.  A head full of hair and for certain a pug nose!  We saw ears, legs, fist, feet, lips, chubby cheeks, etc.  
Thank you for praying for us.  Continue to pray I don't pop... I keep picturing that oversized blueberry girl on Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory...


Claire Higgins said...

Alright! Thanks for the report. Sounds like all good things, no matter what happens. :) You are in our thoughts always.

Christy said...

Thanks so much for updating. If you happen to use any visitor tracking software the sudden surge in hits is due entirely to me checking your blog every 5 seconds to see if you've updated.
What a blessing that you'll get to see your little one every week!