How's this for a name list?

The kids, read boys, were trying to convince me of some excellent names for Maybaby once he arrives.
Girl Names:

Boy Names:
Darth Vader
Obi Won Kanobe 

I don't even know if I'm spelling those right.  They think their suggestions are so funny.  I suppose this is what I get for keeping our names from them.


Claire Higgins said...

BAH HAHAHA! I am sure their Uncle Clint would be very supportive of ANY of those names. ;)

Karen said...

I like those names! How original ... the kids will giggle everytime they speak to Maybaby.

CLR said...

Presenting little Yoda... isn't he cute? The only boy in the world with a manly name that ends with the letter "a".
Oh look, little Darth is so sweet. I wonder if his eyes will ever change from black to blue?

JLR said...

Don't forget about Henry or Henrietta?

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Stop it Jake, those are cat names!