Yes, that's me.  I cried today.  Second time since my man's been gone.  Not bad considering the amount of hormones pumping...  There was nothing sad that triggered it.  Rather, I gave in to anxiousness which is a sin.  "Do not be anxious about anything."  I know the command full well and quote it to myself repeatedly.  I was even meditating on it when I cried.  Somewhere between praying and meditating on that verse I fell into a mental battle of what lies ahead.  I have read from Elizabeth Elliot, I think, that in our worries/concerns over the future we never imagine God there.  We imagine ourselves getting through our ordeals alone or maybe with someone else but never God.  I picked up my bible after I finished blowing my nose and wiping away the floodgate of tears that had ensued.  I've been reading Philipians and hadn't read my bible yet today.  I started chapter 4 where I had left off at verse 2.  I was greatly encouraged because, my friends, the Lord is at hand.  We aren't not to be anxious, but to give thanks only and then pray.  God's peace will guard our hearts and our minds through Christ.  Sweet scriptural medicine which was no coincidence.  Reading through Galatians, Ephesians, and now Philipians has been of great benefit to my soul while separated from my earthly husband and while he tarries my eternal one.


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Christie, These scriptures came to mind as soon as Dad R read your precious testimony in these VERY LAST DAYS! 1 timothy 4-12 . Luke 17-10. Keep look'in up Sweetie! Luke 21-28, Matthew 24-44

Claire Higgins said...

Anxiousness is one trait that seems to run in my family...unfortunately. I have worked really hard at it and do think I am handling better, but every once and a while a good cry seems to help too!

Karen said...

I really don't see you as a cry baby. You are a strong woman of God ... filled with His Spirit! You are also flesh and we are given emotions to feel. You are suppose to feel .. it is what makes us human. You turned to the source ... the only source!
You are an ispiration to me .. my sweet girl. I love you.