Feast of all Saints

On October 31, we made a trip up to San Francisco to celebrate a, "Feast of all Saints" with some friends from church. We ate delicious rustic food, sang beautiful hymns and watched others perform songs, dramas, poems, and various other talents in celebration of the event. It was a beautiful time had by all.
Jake was Lord of the Manor~
I was the Lord's Lady~
Colby was Pope Leo X (Martin Luther's Antagonist)
Jackie was Argula Von Grumbach (First Protestant Female writer and Defender of Martin Luther)
Benjamin was Martin Luther
Louisa was Elisabeth Luther (Martin Luther's daughter)
Libby was a little Renaissance girl
Silas and Samuel were Silas and Samuel..
We had hoped to dress up Silas as the wild boar who fouled up Pope Leo's garden during Luther's time in jail, but I didn't get his costume prepared for the event, oh well.

Yes, that's a mustache you see on Jake's face... Just in time for Mo-vember


Karen said...

what a fun way to celebrate all saints day.

Jesse said...

Just wait until Febru-hairy rolls around, Christie...

pops said...

My little Silas could have been a jester!

Claire Higgins said...

What a fun time for you guys! How cool that you went up to San Fran, too. I hear that it is beautiful!