What's Black and Stretchy?

Notice Jack's face, she doesn't want to go home.
My word, Colby looks just like me in this pic.
It's a wetsuit baby! Since moving here to Cali we've discovered the water is very, very cold. Much different than the Atlantic in North Carolina. I was surprised to discover it. I always had this misconception that all of the Atlantic was colder than the Pacific.. well not in the small part of the world where we are. It's cold here, very cold. So, we've been slowly outfitting the surfers in the family with wetsuits.

Notice that I'm wearing a wetsuit.. it's not because I'm a surfer.. all I do is paddle and fall down, making a fool of myself, all of this an awful lot.. One time I almost got a ride on a wave and Ben who was flanking my left exclaimed, "look, a big fish!" that was a little freaky to hear, I lost my balance and fell.. Since I'm unsuccessful in the water I thought I'd make good use of it at home. I generally wear my wetsuit for cooking, scrubbing toilets, vacuuming, see above photo. Just kidding. We happened to come in from surfing one night and I had to get set with dinner and there wasn't time to shower first.. there you have it.

Louisa is next in line to get her wetsuit. She can hardly wait. She's not surfing yet, but it's becoming apparent that the littles don't know how to stay dry when we tell them to only get their feet wet. With that, it looks like we'll be outfitting the whole fam!


lifelove'n'wine said...

I love these pics! What a fun family. And Colby does look just like you!

Gaines Family said...

You are so adorable! What fun you guys are having, love all of the surfer pics!!

Claire Higgins said...

You guys sure are adjusting to your new environments easily! How neat that you'll all get wet suits!

Karen said...

do they make infant wet suits?