Been Knittin'

I have decided that if I don't make time for leisure, it won't make time for me.  Maybe that makes little sense, but I think it's an easy investment to miss when you run a busy house.  

Let me rewind a bit.  We began homeschooling again 3 weeks ago.  The first week was difficult and let me say that we were only doing math.  Panic was beginning to set in.  If I can't balance a week with only one class to teach, how am I going to manage in a few weeks when the load is full?  Not to worry, week 2 went smoother and here we are nearing the end of week 3 and with the schedules set, life is returning to normal again. Libby is a pretty big part of why the schedule is running smoother now.  We had just started her with kindergarten and upon "doing the math" we realized she'd be 17 when she graduates.  I was asking myself, "Why would I have one of our daughters graduate from high school early? Not a wise decision and I don't think I need to go into that here.  With this revelation, after speaking with Jake, and then grabbing some counsel from ladies at church who have been in similar situations we decided Libby is officially a pre-schooler and will start Kindergarten in January and we will then pace ourselves.  Yay!  With Libby slowing down a bit from the Kindergarten agenda I had set for her along with reigning in my focus for the other children I decided to make some time for you know who... me.  Sure I get time to myself when I go to the bathroom, but that's not enough.  Actually I do have other windows of time like when I'm blogging and checking email, but I wanted to have something to show for it.  The blog is great for that as the kids love to read it and so does the family.  However, email can take 30 minutes and what is there to show?  Not much.

It didn't take long to determine that knitting was the answer.  Sewing is a blast and could have been what I was looking to do and will still hold a place in leisure time, but you see, the sewing room is upstairs and my life is happening downstairs.  Knitting can be with me anytime, anyplace.

 So I knit this sweater.  Cute huh?

Check out the buttons and button loops.  Way too fun and they were made from extra sock yarn from my stash.

Samuel started to get a little jealous of the yarn that I owned and decided to take some for himself.

Hey you, come back here!

I am currently working a self striping pink sweater in the same pattern I used for the one above.  I have one more arm to knit and once I finish the seams I'll be done with that.  My to do list is growing as my man has requested a manly hat.  I've been looking for a good pattern.  If you have any leads on manly hats send them my way!

Sam too has other projects he's working on.  He's hanging out on the counter in the above picture with all the folded clothes eating yoghurt.  He officially has his own skein of yarn and has now taken up walking!  So, life continues to get busier and I'm glad for it.  


Jen said...

I'm literally over here salavating over that sweater... I'd tell you to call me the next time you set to work knitting (to show me the ropes) but I'm thinking your phone might still be on the fritz? Maybe I'll just stop by next week.... uninvited, as per usual. :)

pops said...


I love reading your commentary....
Sam is turning into Silas it seems

Gaines Family said...

Adorable!! I soooo wish I knew how to knit. That pic of Samuel is just precious!

dirtandrib said...

To all reading, I can attest to the beauty of
the sweater as it was sent to my sweet baby boy!
Thank you friend. Your craftiness is inspiring.
Where is the pattern from?

Karen said...

I want the sweater pattern too! please bring it with you or a copy with you next month.
I am busy with my knitting ... it seems to be filling my free time. I love to knit. Can't wait to be with you and ... you guessed it ...knit!
Hugs and kisses

Claire Higgins said...

I love the sweater! It is just beautiful!

I am glad you are all off to a great school year.

As for a hat...maybe something with a cool design...a cross or check out what the snow boarders are wearing this year. :)

jj said...

When the computer was down, I lost your blog again. Thankfully found it! Dear friend, I'm so pleased to see that you are taking a little time for you. Remember the days when that meant shopping? Or coffee and lunch out? I'm with you -- got to have something to show for it :)