When Colby was born he had a birthmark on his neck.  It is called a Café au lait macules.  It's located right on his neck and it's beautiful.  Silas has one too, though much smaller, on the top of his left foot.  Jackie has a small mole on her leg.  I can't recall about Samuel, I'd have to strip him down and give him a close look.  Benjamin and Louisa have/had Hemangioma's. Benjamin's was located in such a place that I would have no idea if he still has it whereas Louisa's are located on her stomach and her shoulder.  The Doctors missed Benjamin's at birth, but Louisa's were both pronounced enough that they were immediately detected.  At the time of birth they were super small, like maybe 2 cm.  The good news about Hemangioma's is that as the child grows older the marks eventually fade away and are undetectable.  I have seen numerous children with these birthmarks who have had them on their faces or other more noticeable parts of the body.  I think this can be hard for the parents, because people are naturally curious and not all people have an inkling of social graces. These people, instead of politely asking the name of the birthmark will turn up their nose.  I imagine it's kind of like bringing more than the culturally accepted 2 children per family into a store with you.  Thankfully Louisa's birthmarks are hidden and so I only deal with the large family looks not the what's that on your kids face look. 

This is Louisa's birthmark when she is about 8 months old.  Notice it's grown significantly since the birth measurement of 2 cm.

This is the same day only a close-up.

Here is the birthmark in November of 2009.  
The last I checked her mark it was even lighter than it is in the photo and the mark on her shoulder which isn't shown here is altogether nearly gone.  We have always loved Louisa's birthmark as it is in the shape of a heart.  The Lord was showing us what a sweetheart she would be.