Samuel the Sweet, Strong, Spirited

Samuel is a precious dear child to this family.  He is growing fast and only recently is showing signs that he's ready to walk.  Because he is so loose jointed I didn't anticipate him being an early walker.  He has recently taken up to 5 steps in a row, so we expect he'll take off for real any day now.  He's also very much into climbing.  The picture above was taken the night of Louisa's birthday.  Samuel loves to pull the cushions off of our seagrass chairs and climb away.  Just because he isn't walking yet doesn't mean he hasn't found ways to keep me from becoming idle.  He is the most intent baby I have had!  Whatever the child puts his mind too he will do!  He is a non-stop action, climb the heights, dig in the trash, eat in the trash, up the stairs when he shouldn't be, falls face first on the concrete because he thinks he can walk down the stairs, pulls my hairs out, climbs the dog, escape down the sidewalk, kind of boy.  When we have to tell him no, that's when he decides to throw himself backwards, hitting his head on whatever is in the way on the way down.  I haven't seen a strong spirited boy like this since my first born came through.  Pray for us to be quick in responding to his sin, diligent and faithful in our parenting him.  It's exciting having another one who will require so much intense attention!  Please remind me that I said this if I am ever tempted to complain :).

It will take more than daddy's strong arms to hold this boy back. 


Gaines Family said...

He is adorable!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

we will keep samuel in our prayers!

Karen said...

He is changing so much. Strong willed? Hmmmm ... time will tell.