Busy Baking and Sewing

Tomorrow I am going up to Santa Cruz for a baby shower.  To shower the mom with gifts is divine.. or is that the smell coming from my kitchen?  Divine is a splendid word and since I just read it on my friends blog I thought I should throw it on mine too!

Cinnamon Rolls are for Sunday morning breakfast.  Sunday also happens to be a certain little girls birthday so there would be no missing the warm rolls.  The pound cake is for the shower.  The house is thanking me for baking it and the kids are wondering why they can't have a pinch.

This sweet little pinafore is for one of the little girls being celebrated.  Tomorrow there will be two showers in one, thus two pinafores.

I worked with cloth covered buttons for the first time ever.  I can't believe how easy it was.  If I ever get my Etsy shop started there will be pinafore's with cloth covered buttons to match!


Anonymous said...

The pinafores are way too cute, friend! And the buttons are the perfect addition! Love the fabric. Have you found a good shop in Monterey, or are you looking online?

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

you are one busy Mommy!

CLR said...

Some ladies at church recommended the best little fabric shop up in santa cruz called Hart's. it's the dreamiest fabric shop i've ever stepped foot into.

Mostly Graysie said...

While the pinafores are indeed lovely, I am eyeing the poundcake and cinnamon rolls and thinking of a good cup of coffee and warm kitchens!! You have inspired me this morning, my friend! I miss your smiling face! Myia

Gaines Family said...

I LOVE the fabric you have chosen! Very lovely. I am sure the recipients of these gifts will be extremely pleased : )

Karen said...

Oh dear Christie ... you do inspire me so!