Well, what else?

Aside from dealing with some minor mental anguishes lately... like crazy deceptive hormones, pending move, and other strange places the brain wanders. I have been very busy.

Doing the laundry.  This size of a load happens about 3 times a week.
I have also been knitting.  I chose the colors for this sweater based on the eyes of the siblings of the little girl who was being born.  I almost forgot to grab a picture and fortunately remembered at the shower for the little girl.  I have knit 4 other sweaters in similar styles only much different colors for other babies being born soon.  It's so much fun to pick out the colors of yarn for a new little one.  I like to look at the color of skin and hair, the character of family whether outgoing or mild, or even the color of cheeks on the mother and make my choice from there.
Lastly, trying to keep up with my handsome Marine and dates to various balls.  So much fun!!
Can you believe how much older Colby is starting to look?


Gaines Family said...

Beautiful sweater! You are one gifted lady : )

pops said...

Beautiful girl
I was thinking yesterday how much I miss you and your family..........

Karen said...

You never run out of things to write about. I love to check your blog and catch up.
I have been there to see the amount of laundry you do ... it is a mountain of clothes that never seems to be caught up on!
Your sweater is precious ... remember ... I want the pattern :)
Your man and your man son are handsome! Colby is growing up so fast ... not only will you be dealing with your hormones but ... you will be handling the hormones of a teenager!
Enjoy the journey .. we only get to do it one time.
love you all

Claire Higgins said...

Great happenings going on!

I, too, love the sweater...reminds me of Wisconsin winters...but in a good way! ;)