Ball Picture

(Bet you thought my post below was enough for the day.. This is what happens when we're on break ;))

Photo compliments of Colby-nice work son.
We went to two balls this year.  The first ball was the Navy ball.  We were invited by a very sweet family and had so much fun.

Then of course was our traditional Marine Corps Ball and we went with a dear couple from church this year.  It was really a blast.  The theme was Vegas-Style.  So, we were given poker chips and there were tables to play.  It was a neat experience.  There was also a professional dancing couple who came and put on quite a show, they called it the Tango, I would call it the Tangle.  Let's just say the girl was quite flexible and I saw her unmentionables..  It was a bit sultry and when they were all untangled there were plenty of, hopefully, Single-Marines clamoring for pictures with the flexible tangle-rita..

I don't have any pictures of our friends the Martins from the ball itself, but we did get a professional picture taken.  When we receive it I'll scan it for the blog.


Jen said...

Hot Mama!!! Whoohoo!! Love it. :)

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Christy said...

LOVE the dress! And those shoes!! Hot Mama is right!!!

Gaines Family said...

Gorgeous! 'Hot Mama' it is!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

thanks for the great picture!

Claire Higgins said...

I love this picture! GREAT shoes.