It's Saturday Evening. It is Finished.

Such a lovely week it's been. This Spring Break turned out not as I had expected. I truly saw myself achieving much in the garden; through weeding, clipping back our wild bushes, loosening up the compost bin, and planting. Instead I cooked yummy foods for my people who didn't feel well. I ran errands alone and had chick fil a twice. The flu left Jake sometime Thursday pm. Colby, Libby, Samuel, Silas, Benjamin, and Hazel all had mild variations of it compared to their poppa. We were thankful. The older boys took it harder than their siblings with fatigue being the biggest complaint. 

Unfortunately, I don't see church being an option in the morning. Frankly, there's too much snot to keep it all contained. That's okay though. Christ has Risen! He will come again and we will worship Him tomorrow. Missing church is not our habit, we think it's unhealthy to be left to our own devices, but this is an exception. We will glorify the King of Kings, He is our Lord of Lords. We live our life the way we do because of His mighty, forgiving, awesome work that's been done for us and all of mankind 2000 years ago. The tomb was left barren and Heaven is full!

We look to Christ's coming again. We look to being rid of our dead bodies and longingly await the new resurrected ones. We are so thankful for our Christ. For our first-fruit of what's to come! God bless you all, dearest family and friends. May your Easter Sunday be full of praise for the Risen King. May your afternoons overflow with full vats and crowded plates. May you laugh at the little joys in your life and thank the Risen Savior for all of it!



Diane Garaway said...

These are the times that we are thankful for a God who has ordained all things for our good, even when we cannot see it...what is that definition of faith?????
We are preparing for lots of rain and lots of kids running around inside...18 or 19,I lost count and 14 adults! But we will be celebrating the Resurrection of our Living God...He has risen indeed..and what more could we ask for!
Love you all,Reynolds Family

Karen said...

Always blesses me to read your posts!