Spring Breaking (Monday edition.. No promises for any other updates, though my intent is to update)

We've only waited since last year this time for Spring Break to come again. Jake has taken the week off work. For months now I've been formulating in my mind all the wonderful things I'd accomplish. I'm here to inform you that's it's the end of our first Spring Break day, Monday.. Have I accomplished anything? No, no, and no! Have I cooked, read to my littles, made the bed, showered, spanked, and loved on my family? Yes, yes, and yes!

Jake is home, but with the flu. Not the stomach bug... people that's not the flu.. But with what seems to be the real deal. Instead of sunshine and warm weather I woke up to 5 inches of snow. Yippee. So, despite my best plans and my intentions they melt away. Praise be to God that I am to take joy in all things and delight in Him. God's plans never fail. So, though this Monday seems empty it was indeed quite full.



JLR said...

So sorry honey, I will be better soon and will then get to work around here with spring upkeep!

CLR said...

No sorries from my BFF. You just get well. :)

Jen said...

Get well soon, Jake! I hope you all have a great week together.

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

thanks for the update!

dirtandrib said...

It is so wonderful that we serve and love a sovereign King. Reigning and ruling in all areas of life despite the plans we may have. Thankful that he gave you eyes to see his perfect plan for you this week....mine, too! Love you!