Trinity Covenant Church

We joined a local body of believers this weekend. Let me tell you that of all the difficulties of a move this is by far the most agonizing thing! The reason being is that aside from our family the local body becomes our closest relationship to people, rather they become our dearest friends. We become so intertwined in the church that breaking away from them hurts, I would say the pain is deeply emotional and physical too.

After we left NC I became physical ill... not just from the move and giving birth but I think also the heartache of saying goodbye to such dear friends took a stressful toll on my body.

The Lord has been kind though as we have "married" up with a local body here in California now. The believers at TCC are so dear and seeing there faces is becoming as refreshing to me as it was at BCC in North Carolina.. Not that one church could replace another, but God's people are the same where ever we go. That is, they are all after one purpose; to see the Lord Glorified and to worship Him forever. This common unity brings together all of our "differences" for the common good of the kingdom.

As painful as constantly moving around is we know that God's plan for us is kind and that no matter where we go, there He is!


Karen said...

What a day of celebration! Congratulations to you and your new family!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Jesus Christ glorified, way to go kids!

Claire Higgins said...

Congrats! I didn't feel settled here until we were in a church. So glad you have found new people to fellowship with.

Gaines Family said...

So happy you guys found a good fellowship to join, it makes all the difference : )