They Have Come from the East. North Carolina that is..

Our dear, dear friends, Ken and Pam Gillespie, or as Louisa used to call them, the B-Gillespies had to come to California for business. They finished their work and extended their travel time to vacation a bit.. We were blessed to be able to dine and fellowship with them. It was such a sweet time. Thank you guys for coming!


lifelove'n'wine said...

What a happy bunch!

Claire Higgins said...

Great pic and I just love that table. :)

Karen said...

Looks like more than the Gillespies were there ... hmmmmm ... I got to looking and it was the Reynolds family!
What a special time for you all! Love Love and more Love around the dinner table!

Karen said...

Who took the picture? Sammy T?
I recognize them from your Church family in New Bern. Glad they got to visit you guys.

Karen said...

Ok .. got to looking closer ... I know ... It was Salty dog that took the picture.
I blew it up and got a good look at those smilin faces and all those curls on the blondes!