Jackie and Lil' Man

As if Samuel T. wasn't loved enough already by his mum, he is regularly doted on by his big sis. It's easy to tell by his wry little grin that he knows how lucky he is. Just look at that beautiful girl who's got a hold of him! Jackie is fast becoming my turn to girl when I run into surprise incidents in the home.. I know, I know, you are all surprised that there would be any surprises at the Reynolds home.. Yet when they do come up Jackie is eager to help and I'm eager to have her. She particularly loves it when she gets to help me with little Teddy. Can you blame her?


Karen said...

What a little smirk on his face. He is connected to the arms that hold him. You can see the love for each other.

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

sweet sweet pictures!

Claire Higgins said...

So sweet! As the youngest, I remember latching on to some of the older siblings...my older bro Dave in particular. He's about 12 years older than I. I learned so much from him and growing up he was my go-to-guy...we were good buds and still are!