House Hunting

Most of my free time on the computer has been devoted to house hunting.  Thus, the neglected blog.  House hunting has become a bothersome task.  We've discovered homeowners are scared of large families.  Having a dog doesn't help things either.  In fact, one potential homeowner wanted to interview Salt. Oh Saltie, you've been called upon, could you catch a plane to the east coast and pass the interview please? Remember not to pee on anything you shouldn't and no biting either, okay? All kidding aside.  We're determined to find a home. We are praying we will find just the right one and we know that the Lord will provide shelter for us. We are keeping up the hunt and having a watchful eye at all times.  Please pray for us, to find a home, that we (read ME) wouldn't give into anxieties about the housing situation.

In other Reynolds happenings:

Libby is a riot.  She makes us all laugh with her sweet, silly antics.  She loves to try to help mother Samuel. Samuel doesn't appreciate it.

Silas is sick right now.  Some sort of mystery fever with some vomiting to boot.

Samuel's been given the call sign of, "Big Baby."  If you've seen Toy Story 3 you probably know where we got that from.

Louisa is enamored of Big Baby and spends sweet time playing with the little lad outside.  She loves to sit him on the tricycle and push him up and down the sidewalk.

Benjamin, along with his dad and big brother, watched a portion of the PGA championship out at Pebble Beach.  In true Benjamin fashion he approached a golfer on one of the greens and asked for an autograph.  Instead of a scribbled signature on his oil stained 3x5 homeschool card he'd carried around all afternoon with him, he came home with the golfer's glove and scribbled signature.  Turns out to be some guy who won the Masters a couple of years ago. Lucky kid.

Jackie is back in Pointe Shoe training.  This is a very big deal to her and we are proud too.  She's made excellent progress at the new studio and it's very enjoyable seeing her improve.

Colby has decide to pursue the Honors Diploma Curriculum through Veritas Press.  We are excited for him and in awe that we have a young man who'll be a, "High Schooler" next year.

Jake is making great progress with his thesis.  Lots of data and statistics talk coming from him.  He dreams in... the binary code.  Perhaps he wishes he could put me in a binary code, so that he could better understand me.  That would make his life too simple ;).

That's about it for now.



dirtandrib said...

There is a 5 bedroom home for sale in our neighborhood. Search no more!

JLR said...

Well, that' would be a bit of a commute for me. But, at least I'd be closer to surfin' and a surfin' buddy.

Karen said...

Where ever you roam, you will find shelter. a House will appear when you least expect it, Where are you looking for a house?

When do you expect to move?

Karen said...

Karen really didn't say this, your grandmother did. I follow your family and excurstions regularly. That's because I love you

Abby said...

Is the housing waitlist on base long? The housing looks amazing.

Abby said...
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john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

it will all work out. thanks for the update

Karen said...

Karen is just now reading the blog ... looks like I have been impersonated! But mom (nanny) is right. God will provide and take care of you. He always has!
Thanks for sharing.