Valentines Daddy Daughter Date

Our church held its annual Father Daughter Valentines Date.  Jake swept the girls off their feet by taking them to dinner and then to the church for a special time of Father and Daughter bonding.  There were things for them to do such as, daddy paints his daughters fingernails, crafts to make together, a game of Pictionary and of course the long awaited moment where Dad praises his daughter in front of everyone else for a certain attribute or area where she really excels.

The anticipation of the night was played out differently by each of the girls. Jackie had the date set, she knew exactly what she wanted to wear and how she wanted me to fix her hair. She knew precisely the time she would get dressed. Everything was picked out, from the jewels to the shoes beforehand. Louisa was also excited, but didn't spend as much time talking about it as her other two sisters did. She chose the dress she would wear right before the event and she let me fix her hair pretty much however I wanted to just as long as there was a braid in it. She became more excited about the event as the minutes rolled by the day of. I really admired her keen sense of cool about the whole event. Libby, on the other hand, knew the event was to happen on a Wednesday evening and so the Wednesday before the actual event there was a big let down for her. By the time the Wednesday had rolled around she was beside herself with excitement. She had her dress on before 7 am that morning. She had headbands on, her tights and shoes before breakfast was on the table.  In the afternoon when it was nearing time to go she cried when Jake laid down for a quick nap. She wanted him to be in the shower getting cleaned up, not resting.

Watching them leave together was so sweet.  It made my heart light and desire them to have good, godly husbands of their own. They had a blast and each girl basked in the words her father spoke of her. Libby was so pleased she got up and danced, I kid you not.  Libby also had Jake paint the fingernails on each of her hands a different color. Jackie and Louisa were refreshed when they came home and told me sweet stories of the memories they shared with their daddy. It was a precious time for all of them. 
Precious little frames, each wrought from within the deep secret places of the Lord
The expressions of joy on their faces are priceless.  
I imagine that before we know it these girls will be resting their heads on his shoulder, not the side of his arms.


Anonymous said...

It was so much fun and a blessing to spend that time with dad.

Appollo Schloss said...

So precious, they all three are beautiful!

Karen said...

christie i can't get on your blog anymore at work
so not getting to see it much!

I continue to marvel at the woman you are, with the intricate descriptions of your family and your life,
All I can say is WOW, and I Love You!


Claire Higgins said...

I love this concept! Special, special day. :)

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

What beautiful memories.

Karen said...

This post nearly brought tears to my eyes. How sweet and memorable for these girls. They know their earthly father's love! What a treasure that is. I marvel at the two of you and your wonderful family! Love Love Love it!!!

Gaines Family said...

What a beautiful memory!