This little girl makes me laugh.  She has such an energetic, funny nature about her.  When I was pregnant with Libby I remember feeling her move a lot.  In fact, she moved so much that I would marvel about it and honestly thought she was doing flips, over and over again. When she was born the midwife noted that she had a, "True Knot," in the cord.  The midwife also made mention that it was the 2nd time in her nearly 20 years of delivering babies that she had seen one.  Basically when I was pregnant with her, at some point she looped the cord and swam through the loop forming a knot.  To this day Libby has been the most active baby in the womb by far.  I think that most people in this house would agree that she is still the most active child outside the womb..  She truly doesn't slow down. Funny little thing.

She has a style all her own and seems to be as smart as whip.  She's extremely emotional, truly I am not exaggerating.  She sometimes cries through homeschool, being so excited and exasperated all at once she has nothing left to do but cry.  Just ask her to write the number 6 and you'll see what I mean.  Yes, Libby, the girl with no bounds.  She has a persnickety sense of style as well and she even has the audacity to tell me how to dress and whether or not its fitting for whatever occasion presents itself.  Sometimes I'll have the opportunity to get dressed while she isn't under my feet and I'll come out from the bedroom and she gets so giddy with excitement if I'm wearing something new that she hasn't seen before.  She tells me I'm a princess.  She also declares when people are dressing immodestly and thinks she wrote the book on it.

When Jake and I go out for a date or say the Marine Corps Ball and we are wearing formal clothing she thinks we're going off to get married again.  She doesn't understand that we've been married for 14 plus years.  To her, marriage is about he formal dress, no matter the color or occasion.  She'll even ask Jake, are you going to kiss her?  Sweet huh?

Speaking of Libby, I should go now.  She's waiting in the laundry room for some attention. She was caught teaching Samuel how to climb over the couch and jump off..


Karen said...

sweet Libby .. she is a funny little girl !!! I love her style .. it changes by the day and sometimes by the hour. She appears in normal clothes and minutes later she is a princess or butterfly.
Her hair is getting long. Love that little girl.

JackieLynn said...

The sweetest wild thing!

JackieLynn said...
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